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JiaXing Technology trusts in SML extrusion technology
Stretch film manufacturer JiaXing Technology: Strong partnerships, quality and efficiency as a basis for success

In 2004, JiaXing Technology commenced the production of stretch wrap film in a rented shop lot factory in Johor, Southern Malaysia…

SML's data generation and analysing tool bitWise
Retrofitting data analysis: Traceability for optimised processes

SML’s in-house developed data generation and analysis system which gives manufacturers a deep insight into the processes of an extrusion line is…

SML strengthens U.S. team
SML strengthens sales team in the U.S.

SML welcomes Dan Kustin as Sales Manager for the US market. Before Dan joined…

SML's LiBS lines for separator film
Building up the market: Strong demand for Lithium-ion batteries drives request for separator film

The growth rates are overwhelming: 14 million electric vehicles are expected to be sold in 2023 globally. Lithium-ion batteries power…

SML's sheet line with slanted roll stack
Crystal clear big-size cups: What to be aware of when calendering extra-thick APET sheet

Calendering is a common method to produce extra-thick APET sheet for the thermoforming of big cups containing up to one liter in Europe…

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