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Creating solutions together.

Our engineers and technicians relentlessly strive to craft the best solution for our customers. No matter the task or challenge you have in store for us, we will work together with you at the Redlham pilot plant to develop ideal solutions that go above and beyond the latest industry standards.

SML supports you to realise your ideas and test them sufficiently.

The production of customer samples, the common development of new products and joint test series plays a key role in SML’s partnership with its customers. Joint R&D activities facilitate the mutual understanding, and through it, the anticipative fulfilment of customer wishes. Not least, the findings generated together are having a direct impact on the further development of new machinery and technology at SML.



Line Types

Available demonstration line types:

Keeping you on top form.

Multi-purpose ClassicPET sheet line

With its recent industrial-scale pilot line, SML provides its customers a multi-functional sheet line for intensive R&D activities to further drive circular economy. Customers can use SML's ClassicPET sheet line to test their own specific material and to produce samples of C-PET light, foamed PET and rPET sheet.

A wide variety of recyclable products
The multi-purpose ClassicPET line is able to produce sheets from up to 100 % post-consumer recycled material (PCR) in a general thickness range of 150 - 1,200 µm. A gas injection unit for the core layer extruder is employed to manufacture foamed sheet with material savings up to 60 % for common thermoformed products. And finally, C-PET light sheet combines transparency, recyclability as well as the suitability for the economic production of thermoformed hot-filling products.

Technical Data
MaterialsPET, PP, PS
Max. line speed70 m/min.
Max. net film width1,150 mm
Max. output1,200 kg/h
Thickness range150 - 1,200 µm
StructuresA/B/A, A/B, B/A, B

Advantages of ClassicPET:

  • New design with 25 % lower footprint 
  • Robust, technically mature and easy-to-operate
  • Minimised loss of intrinsic viscosity
  • Simple product adaptions
  • EFSA, FDA ready
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