foamed PET for hot-fill applications by SML

Foamed PET sheet for hot fill applications: Improved heat resistance up to 140 degrees

With the development of a production process for foamed A-PET-Sheet with heat resistance up to 140 degrees Celsius, SML has pushed the boundaries of the technical feasible further.


SML’s innovation opens the way for new types of easy-to-recycle hot fill products, not least in areas where the finishing of food at extraordinary high temperatures is frequently required. Inspired by customer-feedback, we have used our pilot sheet line to further develop the production process of foamed A-PET sheet for thermoforming, in cooperation with Kiefel Packaging B.V., with considerable results,” says Max-Phillip Lutz, product manager at SML.


Beside a heat resistance of up to 140 degree Celsius, the thermoformed sheet shows excellent properties in terms of heat insulation and dimensional stability. Hot fill applications thermoformed from this material can be used for heating in micro-waves as well as for baking in conventional ovens. “It is no problem to hold a fully filled cup with 140 °C hot oil in the hands for a couple of minutes”, says Max-Phillip Lutz.


In addition to the successful augmentation of the heat resistance of foamed A-PET sheet, SML is currently undertaking promising trials in its Technology Centre for a new type of foamed PP sheet.


Redlham, 08.10.2020